It’s not something you want to think about but…  

At some point every horse owner has to experience the deep pain of losing their beloved partner.  

The emotional and physical investment you make into your special member of the family makes this pain run deep.  

When the time comes to say farewell to your beloved partner you want a special place to say goodbye.  

When that time comes, we are here for you.  

Prices incl VAT

Under 11H with wicker basket £780  

Over 11H with wicker basket £980

Under 11H with wooden casket £825

Over 11H with wooden casket £1025

Maximum 16HH

We also offer a full range of memorials please ask and we will be delighted to discuss your requirements or visit our memorial page.


We will have your beloved horse ready to come home to you, where they belong, as soon as possible and can collect from your home, stable or vet within the Scottish Borders.

Collection charges are 08:30am to 18:30pm £1 per mile and after 18.30pm we charge £1 per mile plus a £100 out of hours fee.

 We will always be here for you when you need us, day or night and offer a 24 hour emergency call out service 365 days a year.  

  “Goodbye is not Forever. Goodbye is not the End.”